Janet S., Florida

March 11, 2024

I was introduced to Steven Kessler during a life-changing moment. Overnight, without any warning, | became a defendant in a federal disgorgement proceeding. All my resources were restrained. I had no ability to pay bills, no money for food, and no medical insurance. My life was in turmoil. Steven Kessler entered my life at a time when I was David fighting Goliath. Mr. Kessler fought by my side for three years. It was eight months of battle before the Court was compelled to secure a monthly allowance for me, from my frozen assets to pay my monthly bills. Together, Mr. Kessler and I took my case through the federal appellate court and to the highest court in New York State, and we won. My case permanently set a precedent as case law in the State of New York. Steven has remained my defender and friend for 11 years. Forever Grateful.

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