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When attorneys and clients across the country need counsel in the area of Asset Forfeiture, they turn to us, the Law Offices of Steven L. Kessler. For more than three decades, we have handled all types of forfeiture matters, including criminal forfeiture proceedings as part of the criminal trial, civil forfeiture litigation as a separate lawsuit filed by the government against the “guilty” property and administrative forfeiture actions commenced by one of the many governmental agencies. Our experience and expertise also encompasses forfeiture proceedings on the state and local levels, where hundreds of forfeiture laws remain on the books. And we never shy away from litigating complex issues of first impression.

We have handled cases for clients throughout the United States, in Europe and in the Middle East. Our representation takes us from trial and appellate courts in New York and other states to the Federal district and circuit courts nationwide, and even up to the United States Supreme Court. We are honored to have assisted national organizations who have filed Amicus briefs on forfeiture-related issues.

Recognized nationwide for excellence in national white collar defense and in the field of forfeiture, our top-rated firm helps our clients fight the Draconian seizure practices of the government. We passionately and tirelessly work to protect our clients’ assets and recover what is rightfully theirs.

Steven L. Kessler’s unique background combines the knowledge of a prosecutor approach’s to forfeiture cases with the understanding of the laws and procedures that apply in the forfeiture world. This enables Mr. Kessler and our firm to provide our clients with the finest representation possible.

As a recognized and respected authority in the field of asset forfeiture, Steven L. Kessler has appeared and testified before numerous legislative bodies on forfeiture issues and has assisted with drafting and revising state forfeiture laws. His two forfeiture treatises and other written works are cited as authority by federal and state judges in their decisions. VIEW PROFILE LINK HERE

Eric M. Wagner has worked as an integral part of the office with Mr. Kessler for more than twenty years. He brings to our firm a rich understanding of the world of forfeiture, together with exceptional research and writing skills necessary for forfeiture litigation and appellate practice. These skills have served Mr. Wagner well since his days as a student at St. John’s School of Law, where he served as the Notes and Comments Editor of the St. John’s Law Review.

Prior to coming aboard in 1998, Mr. Wagner served as a Senior Attorney in the Office of the General Counsel for Long Island Lighting Company, handling motions, appeals, trials, arbitrations, and discovery in a broad range of substantive practice areas. His previous employment includes working in the General Counsel’s office at New York Telephone and handling civil litigation matters at the trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts while an associate at Cole & Deitz.

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